Some pictures of the UIUC algebraic combinatorics group (and academic friends/family):

(Summer '23 program in Schubert geometry and combinatorics (May, June 2023):
Front: Ada Stelzer, Ryan Roach, Shiliang Gao, Elizabeth Kelley, Avery St. Dizier, Abigail Price; Back: Alex Jin, Tasha Fellman, Casey Appleton, AY, Dylan Roach, David Wallach, Maya Viswanathan)

(Some current and former mentees, June 2023):
Front: Reuven Hodges, Colleen Robichaux, Anna Weigandt, Shiliang Gao; Back: Andrew Hardt, AY, Oliver Pechenik, Avery St. Dizier, Ada Stelzer, Laura Escobar)

(Current and former mentees at FPSAC 2023):
Shiliang Gao, Dominic Searles, Anna Weigandt, Colleen Rochicaux, Ada Stelzer

(ICLUE summer '22 program in Representation Theory and Combinatorics (May 2022):
Judy Chiang, Zhuo Zhang, Casey Appleton, AY, Dylan Roscow, Dinglong Wang, Dylan Chiu)

Some Student/postdocs (former and present) at OPAC in Minneapolis (May 2022):
Front: Anna Weigandt, Colleen Robichaux, Reuven Hodges
Back: Gidon Orelowitz, Avery St. Dizier, Oliver Pechenik, Laura Escobar, Shiliang Gao

At Colleen Robichaux's doctoral convocation (May 2022)

(Back: Matthew Faust, Avery St. Dizer, Reuven Hodges, AY, William Linz, Shiliang Gao, Gidon Orelowitz;
front: Amy Feng, Colleen Robichaux, Urbana IL, March 2020)

(Back: Colleen Robichaux, Jason Xia, AY, Richard Stanley, Shiliang Gao, Harshit Yadav, Nathan Lin;
Front: Jackie Oh, Anna Chlopecki, Reuven Hodges, Wonwoo Kang, Urbana IL November 2019)

(Anna Weigandt, AY, Reuven Hodges, and Shiliang Gao, Madison, WI September 2019)

(ICLUE members Jason Xia, AY, and Jackie Oh, April 2019)

(ICLUE member Anna Chlopecki and AY, February 2019)

(Sergey Fomin, AY, Anna Weigandt, Oliver Pechenik, Colleen Robichaux at Fominfest, Ann Arbor November 2018)

(My academic siblings: Luis Serrano, Florian Block, Chris Fraser, Kelli Talaska, AY, and Max Glick at Fominfest, November 2018)

Fominfest 2018: (former) UIUC participants were Philippe DiFrancesco, Rinat Kedem, Li Li, Simon Lin, Dania Morales, Gidon Orelowitz, Oliver Pechenik, Colleen Robichaux, Neriman Tokcan, Anna Weigandt, Harshit Yadav, AY

Dinner with Sergey Fomin: (front) Kelli Talaska, Sergey Fomin, AY, Jonah Blasiak; (back) Max Glick, Luis Serrano, Florian Block, Chris Fraser, at Fominfest, November 2018

(ICLUE member Benjamin Pankow and AY, November 2018)

(AY and David Yong, November 2017)

(AY, some guy, and ICLUE member Anshul Adve at Chicago O'Hare. Drop me a note if you recognize the middle guy)


(AY, Sergey Fomin and Anatoly Vershik at the Sir Isaac Newton Institute, Summer 2001)